Like the unharnessed, free-form, ghost-like tree with which it shares a name, Ghost Pines represents the long, rich, winemaking heritage of California's finest appellations. By departing from traditional single appellation grape sourcing, the Ghost Pines winemaker is able to craft consistently superior "Winemaker's Blend" wines which showcase the concentrated yet elegant flavor characters that come from some of the best growing regions in the state.

Sourcing from both the Sonoma and Napa appellations allows our winemaker to blend a wine which accentuates the best of what each region has to offer. Our 2010 Merlot has the powerful structure of Napa balanced with the luscious mixed berry fruit of Sonoma, all in one bottle. This Merlot brings both of these elements together in full-force along with some marvelous aromas of dried black cherry and humidor with toastiness from our judicious use of French and American Oak. The result is a wine with a dense body from the cooler vintage showing through in the more classically structured tannins. Truly a wine that lives up to our philosophy; excellence has no boundaries.

Viticulture Notes:
In general, 2010 was a very interesting harvest. The Season began with a late start, due to the cool spring and summer weather, subsequently followed by summer heat spikes and then some fall rains. Although challenging, these conditions allowed for a high quality crop that is producing very good wine. In the Napa Valley, 2010 was another successful vintage. The season will be remembered as relatively long due to the cool and mild temperatures that lasted until the end of August and even with some heat spikes that lasted into late August and early September, we began harvest later than normal. Overall the 2010 Vintage will be known for producing ripe and mature fruit that translated into well developed flavors.

Taste Profile:
The grapes for the 2010 Ghost Pines Merlot were gently destemmed, allowing some whole berries to be delivered to the fermentor. Upon arrival, the grapes were fermented for 6-14 days in various stainless steel fermenters with temperatures holding around 90 degrees to bring out jammy flavors. The juice received skin contact for 6-14 days to extract maximum color and fruit characteristics, and then the finished wine went through 100% malolactic fermentation prior to filtering and bottling.

Varietal Content:
Varietal Origin:

Alcohol Level:
Titratable Acidity:
Residual Sugar:
100% Merlot
71% Sonoma County
29% Napa County